Participation of LAGOONS in the ECSA54 conference, 12-16 May, Sesimbra, Portugal

LAGOONS team will give a presentation at the conference organized by ECSA54 – Coastal systems under change: tuning assessment and management tools.
The meeting will take place in 12-16 May, Sesimbra, Portugal. The presentation will be part of the session ‘Improving management and decision processes: advances in predictive tools’, and the presentation is entitled: “Science-Policy-Stakeholder interface towards a pan-European lagoons management: Lessons learnt so far from the FP7 LAGOONS project” (presented by Ana Lillebø the project coordinator).
The LAGOONS team from Aveiro University will also participate with the following presentations: ‘Responses to the pressures in a coastal lagoon that affect society´s well-being’ (presented by Sousa L.P.); ‘Ecosystem functions supported by salt marshes: coastal C and N sinks’ (presented by Sousa A.I.); Spatial and temporal distribution of seagrass meadows at Ria de Aveiro (Portugal) in the last decade (presented by Sousa A.I.) and ‘Towards the improvement of currently available Zostera noltii seagrass models’ (presented by Azevedo A.).
Link to the conference:

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