LAGOONS final seminar with the Portuguese stakeholders

On the 25th of September the LAGOONS team from the University of Aveiro organized a final seminar to present and discuss the results regarding Ria de Aveiro with the local stakeholders and end users.

The meeting had about 70 participants and about 50% were representatives of end users, namely local associations and common citizens; representatives of local managers, namely of civil Parishes located in the lagoon watershed area; and policy makers, namely local and regional representatives of the Portuguese Environment Agency and of the Centro Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR-C). Most of the participating academics were researchers (PhD) or PhD students, but there was also some teachers and undergraduate students. The academics were mostly from Environment and Planning and of Biology, but there were also participants from Physics, Geosciences, Civil engineering and Chemistry departments.

During the plenary discussion stakeholders refined some of the recommendations regarding the integrated management of Ria de Aveiro and presented some suggestions regarding the effective implementation of their recommendations.

A report with the final results of the project, in local language (PT), was available for the participants of the meeting and will be available soon in digital format.

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