Workpackage 1 – Project management and dissemination
Deliverable 1.3 – The project website

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Workpackage 2 – Knowledge base and gap analysis
Deliverable 2.1 – Current knowledge base and knowledge gaps

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Deliverable 2.2 – Technical Briefs available in five languages

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Workpackage 3 – Problem based science analysis
Deliverable 3.2 – Results of the problem based science analysis

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Workpackage 4 – Stakeholder participation: qualitative scenarios (incl CC) definition in river basin, coastal zone and lagoons

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Technical briefs

– LAGOONS Stakeholders Workshop_Tylygulsky Liman lagoon
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– LAGOONS Focus Group_Tylygulsky Limam lagoon
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– LAGOONS Citizen Jury_Tylygulsky Limam lagoon
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– LAGOONS Stakeholders Workshop_Ria de Aveiro
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– LAGOONS Citizen Jury_Ria de Aveiro
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– LAGOONS Focus Group_Vistula Lagoon
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– LAGOONS Stakeholders Workshop_Mar Menor (ES)
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– LAGOONS Focus Group_Mar Menor
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– LAGOONS Focus Group_Ria de Aveiro
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– LAGOONS Stakeholders Workshop_Vistula (RU)
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– LAGOONS Stakeholders Workshop_Vistula (PL)
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– LAGOONS Citizen Jury_Vistula (corrected)
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– LAGOONS Stakeholders Workshop_Mar Menor (EN)
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– LAGOONS Stakeholders Workshop: summary of the method_Ria de Aveiro
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Workpackage 5 – Quantitative drainage basin scenario modelling in the contest of climate and land use change
Deliverable 5.1 – Results of climate impact assessment

-Part 1 – Acknowledgements, Summary, Introduction and Methods
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-Part 2 – Ria de Aveiro
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-Part 3 – Mar Menor
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-Part 4 – Tyligulskyi Liman
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-Part 5 – Vistula Lagoon
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Workpackage 6 – Quantitive lagoons modeling (climate and hydrobiogeochemistry)
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Workpackage 7 – Strategies and decision support framework and pan-European dissemination

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Technical briefs

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