Tylygulskyi Lagoon

  • Case study area description and end users
    The Tyligulskyi Lagoon (its local name is Tyligulskyi Liman) is located at the north-western part of Black Sea coast between the Cape of Adzhiiask and Odessa Bay. It is separated from the sea by wide sandy isthmus with 6.6 km length and 0.2–4.1 km width. An artificial canal with 15–25 m width and 2 m deep joins the lagoon and the sea. However the canal functions occasionally because it is intensively filled with sand from the sea.
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  • Spatial Planning and Governance
    At present, the implementation of Water Framework Directive in Ukraine is in an initial stage. As for the Tyligulskyi Lagoon and its catchment basin, WFD’s basic requirements such as the implementation of basin management model for catchment, river basin management plans, and programmes for the monitoring of water status are absent.

  • Socio-economic and policies issues
    The Tyligulskyi Lagoon is located on the territories of two southern regions of Ukraine. Its axis line coincides with the administrative border between the Kominternovo and Berezovka districts of Odessa region and Berezanka district of Mykolayiv region. The drainage basin area is 5,420 km2 with a population of 127,800 inhabitants. The major components of economics in the basin of Tyligulskyi Lagoon are the agriculture, recreation and transport. The long distance pipelines – ammonia pipeline Togliatti–Gorlovka–Yuznoie, gas pipeline Shebelinka–Odessa, and oil pipeline Kherson–Snigirevka–Odessa – cross the basin of lagoon.
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  • Pictures
    Pictures of Tyligulskyi Lagoon available here.